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PhotoNetCast - Photography podcast

Photography Podcast

PhotoNetCast #95 – Long Term Projects

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 25-08-2015 | Comment

And here we are once again. After the long time that took us to gather the crew, and an even longer time to edit the episode, we are back to talk about Long term projects in photography.

Besides the really interesting conversation (after I’ve heard it, I really felt like grabbing the camera and going out for a few images), there was time for the news topics, and of course, our Selected from the Web.


Olympus Air A01 – micro 4/3 camera for your smartphone (compare to Kodak SL10, Sony DXC-QX range)

DXO One – smartphone camera attachment with DSLR quality

Nikon P900 and it’s amazing 83x optical zoom lens

The photography uprising against musicians: Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters, Live Nation changes photographer job after backlash.


Tips for a long term project: http://digital-photography-school.com/how-to-design-and-shoot-a-long-term-photography-project/

Jacob’s book – Commute Culture – thanks for bringing that up , Dave 🙂

Sean’s Ecuador from the Back Seat of a Taxi: http://seangalbraith.com/ecuador-from-the-back-seat-of-a-taxi/

Bob Mills Work – http://www.lussierphoto.com/lawrence-and-the-mills/the-mill-collection/

Dave’s Rodeo Portraits – http://www.davewilsonphotography.com/galleries/rodeo-portraits/

Enjoy the show…



Selected from the Web

PhotoNetCast #94 – Moving to Mirrorless, with Brian Matiash

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 05-04-2015 | 1 Comment

Thinking of a move to a mirrorless system?


As we hinted a few episodes back, we have the privilege of being joined by Brian Matiash to discuss his move to the Sony mirrorless system after over a decade shooting Canon dSLRs. If you want some more background to Brian’s move, he has written a free ebook about it. We talked about his reasons, advantages and disadvantages of the mirrorless cameras in general and the Sony system in particular, the biggest challenges faced, shooting hybrid with Canon lenses, EVF technology, and much more. We hope you enjoy the discussion.

In the news, we look at a promising new technology that could revolutionize lenses, the World Press Photo revokes a prize, and Defrozo goes Kickstarter.

As always, any feedback is very much welcome.

Enjoy the show…



Selected from the Web


Brian: Rob Whitworth’s Dubai Flow Motion

Scott: Jesse Summers beautiful long exposure and star photography

Bob:Salt of the Earth,” a documentary about Sebastião Salgado and his work

Dave: Fair Witness – Street Photography by David Lykes Keenan

Sean: Real Meaning of Common Photographic Terms

Antonio: Ceramic prints that survived the ages

PhotoNetCast #93 – Creating and Maintaining your Photography Portfolio

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 09-03-2015 | Comment

Photography Portfolios

In this episode, Antonio, Dave and Jacob Lucas discuss the news, answer some questions from listeners and discuss how they go about building and maintaining a photography portfolio. How do we define a portfolio and what do we intend it for? How often should you update the work in the portfolio and how should you go about deciding exactly what goes in and what stays out?

In the news this week, rumors of the upcoming release of Adobe Lightroom 6, Lytro’s finances and plans to move into virtual reality and movies, Getty Images’ cash-flow woes, Serif Affinity, a new, low cost image editor with Photoshop in its sights, and that blue and black (or was it white and gold?) dress.



Information related to listener questions

Mark asked about whether welders’ glass would be suitable for use in shooting the upcoming solar eclipse. No-one on the panel had looked into this but it was felt that it would likely introduce unpleasant distortions in the photos and may not be dark enough to use safely. Regardless, our advice was NEVER to use the viewfinder to focus when shooting into the sun. Poke the lens through a hole in the center of a large card or sheet of thick paper and use as much neutral density filtration as you can in front of the lens. ALWAYS use live view to focus.

This picture was taken by Dave a couple of years ago using a 10-stop ND filter stacked with a polarizer (12 stops of density in total) and a 400mm lens on a crop sensor body.

Transit of Venus, June 5th 2012

An image of the sun showing the planet Venus in transit. (c) 2012 Dave Wilson

Some more advice on shooting solar eclipses:

Selected from the Web