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ATP Photofinder Mini Contest Winners

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On our episode #17 we started a giveaway of ATP Electronics products, namely 1 ATP Photofinder Mini, 3 4Gb SDHD cards and 5 1Gb SD cards.

The participation was great, and now that the deadline has passed, it’s time to announce the winners. Unfortunately we don’t have a prize for everyone, but with 9 different products and a random draw your chances were not so bad.

I’m sure that we can’t get the stuff to the winners before Christmas, but at least they’ll know what they’ve won. Thanks to all who sent entries.

Giveaway Winners

     ATP Photofinder Mini

  • Rory Wallwork

     4Gb SDHD cards

  • Doug McGregor
  • Stefan Weisshaar
  • Anthony Skelton

     1Gb SD cards

  • Deniss Saksa
  • Conner Downey
  • Jake Brooks
  • Angela Byers
  • Andrew M


Congratulations to the winners. We’ll be contacting you by email soon. Now if only the winners would be kind enough to write us a review on iTunes… 😉

And if you didn’t win anything this time, stay tuned… A copy of Lightroom 2 is already up for grabs and we have more to come.


What you wrote

For this contest we asked you to write a few words on how a geotagging device would improve your photographic experience… Here is what the winners wrote.

Rory Wallwork

"As an aspiring landscape photographer, it’s quite necessary to travel a lot to get a large variety of images. So geotagging my images would help me immensely! I take so many pictures, that often I can’t remember where I took what. This would be the perfect addition to my gear. Thanks for the opportunity!!"

Doug McGregor

"No question … I’m accumulating thousands of photos and would really like to remember where I have taken them all, especially to share the location with other photographers."

Stefan Weisshaar

"In my case geotagging would help to organize my photos shot during my tours. This will help the placement on google earth!
Greets and thanks for the organizers of photonetcast, you are doing a great job"

Anthony Skelton

Blog post

Deniss Saksa

"(…) For improving my photography, it’s simple:
*sometimes I discover a good location for shooting when I don’t have all my gear with me. Using ATP PhotoFinder I could snap a picture of it and have it on the map so that I can find this location later based on the image and map.
* travel photos will benefit from the ability to put them on the map of the visited place.
In two words ATP PhotoFinder helps to bind images with places and if you take lots of images in different places (or just have bad memory) you definitely should get one."

Conner Downey

"Geotagging would help my photography immensely because I’m always wondering where I was when I made a shot and cannot for the life of me remember. I always want to go back and try something new or maybe let my friends and fellow photographers check it out and have a go at it. I am always traveling so I want to be able to visit a place I randomly stumbled upon again as well."

Jake Brooks

"I would be so excited to get a geotagging unit for my camera. I’m studying photography and technology in college, and next semester I’m doing an independent project working on my colleges wiki and setting up a map of the campus that anyone can add information too and view. I’m looking at “egalitarian” mapping more in depth. It would be really awesome If I could combine that with my photography studies. I also work with ecology teachers sometimes, and with a geotagging unit, it would be possible to photograph plant communities, and use the geodata to place it on a GIS map with bedrock, temperature, etc and look at the ecological effects much easier. lastly, it would just be really cool to have geographic info when i’m travelling and taking pictures. So yes please sign me up for the sweepstakes."

Angela Byers

"How would geotagging help my photography? I might actually remember WHERE I took my photographs at!! I have people ask me where some of my photographs are taken at (and since I have no sense of Route Direction – I’m very visually oriented!) I can’t explain WHERE I actually was (if I can remember what city is was in in the first place!!"

Andrew M

"(…) geotagging would help me immensely when I’m post-sorting ski race photos, as I don’t always have an accurate location I’ve shot from when I’m shooting a race, as words do not always do a riverbank location justice!
When traveling, it would be great for being able to auto-tag a location, especially for those candid shots that we fire off out train windows, or from a boat in the middle of a lake, where you may one day want to go back to re-capture the moment with more attention to detail…
keep up the great work with the podcast guys!"

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Congratulations to all winners ! GPS still seems to be relevant to photographers – good ! Thanks for participating in this project of us !


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