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If you’ve been following PhotoNetCast you know that one application that we usually recommend is Lightroom.

Now we have the opportunity to find out more about this fantastic piece of software from Adobe: Tom Hogarty, product manager for Lightroom, will be joining us on one of the next episodes of PhotoNetCast.

And we know that we are not the only ones curious to know more about LR. So, if you have any questions regarding the product, please feel free to send them our way we’ll try to get Tom answering them on the show.

As always,  you can use the comments section, our contact form, the voice messaging widget or even record your questions as mp3 and send them to photonetcast (at)photonetcast (dot) com. But be fast, the recording will probably happen in the middle of the next week.

Comments (34)

Please ask the following for me:

1. When are they going to allow us to move each panel to where we want them. the current arbitrary location for each panel (particularly the changes they made from v1.4 to v2) can be annoying at times and I would really like to be able to move the panels around.

the best example of this is the keyword panel. When it’s open it is so long that you can’t use the metadata panel below it. So the keyword panel MUST be closed in order to edit any other metadata. To me it seems logical that the keyword panel should be at the bottom of the right pane, or even better yet on the left pane where it used to be.

I’m sure many other users of the software want their panels in a different place than I do, so the best would be to allow us to place the panels where we want them.

I also want to know why they changed the Collections system from a simple set of nested (folder-like) Collections to Collection Sets. In LR1.4 Collections could contain Images and other Collections. Collection Sets can only contain other Collections, but not Images. I find this very restrictive and the change to Collection Sets doesn’t seem to add any advantage over Nested Collections. Please ask him to explain why they did this.

Got me a Canon 5D Mark II this past Tuesday.

When will it be supported? ACR has already been updated and I’m just so used to Lightroom that ACR feels like the Stone Ages.

Please? πŸ™‚

Thanks for the questions Sean. I’ll make sure they are answered. Do I note a ting of anger over there? πŸ™‚

Hi David,

Congrats on the acquisition. Happy so far?
I’m not sure asking your question will speed things up, but I’m also curious to know why the updates aren’t synchronized. Thanks.

Thanks Antonio! No, it’s not anger at all, just frustration. In fact I love most of the changes with the V2 (especially after the 2.1 fixes), but they changed some things on the interface that I thought were perfect just the way they were, and I don’t understand it. I mentioned the big two already, but there are definitely others. Even something as simple as the Develop module no longer being capable of showing the name of the file you are working on in the tab bar at the bottom (in fact it doesn’t show anywhere unless you have the filmstrip showing or have the uber-annoying info overlay turned on). Why would they take something like that away? There were lots of little changes like that, that on their own are no big deal but when you add them all up they are annoying changes…

I would like to know if there is going to be better support for Wacom tablets in LR2.x, here are some missing features:
– Add support for the eraser in the local adjustments.
– Support for the Pop-up Menus

i’d like to be able to export collections and their subsequent nested folders as one export with the same file structure as the “collection”.

I’m producing all the photographs for a book on one particular country which has 21 chapters; i’ve set up a Smart Collection of “country X”; which then has the chapters within that containing from 5 to 25 images in each. At the moment i have to export each of the 21 chapters in turn to a disk – what i want to be able to do is export “Country X” at a top level and then all the collections/folders and their contents are exported accordingly in the same file structure.

As part of that, to then be able to use the title of each collection as the entry for the “Custom text” field would be excellent. e.g. 5 images within the telecoms chapter would be automatically burnt to disc as or whatever…..

if I’m on location with my laptop and and an external usb drive, how can I get Lightroom to make an automatic duplicate onto the external drive when I import from a memory card into a catalog on the laptop’s hard drive? to save me having to do a manual copy once the files have been downloaded

Why get Lightroom if you already have Bridge? πŸ˜‰

why can’t you creatively watermark

especially since the Orphan Works issue is still on the table!

I group my photos per year when importing to Lightroom (and on the PC). I let Lightroom create a folder with the date the photo was taken when importing. Lightroom has created two folders named 2009. On the PC there is only one. When I drag a folder, say 2009-01-01 from one of the 2009 folders to the other, Lightroom says that it already exists. How can I correct this problem without removing the photos and re-importing them. I have already adjusted the photos so I don’t want to re-do that. I would be grateful for your help. Many thanks in advance. /Rolf

I loaded images into lightroom and I then went to view-to have them put in order by the time taken. Well, they came up totally from last to first in lightroom. What did I do wrong?

Fran: I think you should look for the “A to Z” button.

Hi Fran,

I’m with Bryan on this one. You must have your sorting filters “upside down”. Does this only happen on the grid view? How is it in the bottom slider?

They are backwards on the bottom slider also. How do I fix this? I am really new to lightroom and thought I hit pay dirt when I realized that I could get them in order by hitting time taken. Thank you both for answering me!!

I found the A-Z and reversed it and the pictures went into the proper order!! Thank you soooo much!!!

Glad we could be of help.
Thanks for dropping by. And many thanks to Bryan too for his quick reply.

A very simple question as I am a novice with LR – How do I WaterMark my name onto a photo image?

In version 1.4 when I pick a picture in develop module the picture distorts and rotates. In my older version the picture didn’t distort or rotate. Any help?

I have a need to down load images in Raw to the LightRoom 2.3 from my Nikon D90 AND D80 at the same time. Is that a problem. Should I do them seperately and them combine the rtesults?

I have Lightroom 2. I’m shooting a Nikon D200. How do I carry the camera optimized image settings (ie Black & White) through to Lightroom without them all being rendered back to neutral?
Thank you

If I sync my cameras date and times…how can I upload to LR and have the pictures line up in order of time captured? I really need this so I can keep wedding photos in order and not have to waste time trying to match up later when I’m making a slideshow or a book. Thanks anybody!

Help… New to LR… Question is… After working a raw image in LR, I go to save file by clicking Export and then send it to a file in my photos. The problem that Im having is that I am losing the full image after exporting. Size is reduced a considerable amount… Help….

How can I export and save photo in its original size ?????

Hi Bruce.

Are you talking about size as in file size (bytes) or as in photo size (pixels)?

Photo size… pixels

Actually working with it in inches … need to keep it in a 20″ x 30″… for a poster… When I began the work it is approx 22.556 X 48.786 in. when i finish exporting it goes to around 6.855 x 12.354… numbers are approximate .. Am i exporting the work correctly

Any solutions for my issue here will be more than greatly appreciated.. In a bind here

Check your email Bruce.

Can you tell me how to keep some colors like flowers in a wedding there original color but turn the rest black and white in Light room? Thanks Nila


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