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How long should PhotoNetCast’s episodes be?

Posted in Polls on 21-10-2008 | 3 Comments


Since the first episodes of PhotoNetCast we had listeners telling us that the show is too long, and listeners telling us that we should take the time we need.

We have been quite liberal with the duration of the show and usually let the conversation flow. Having four people with different ideas to share results in shows of around one hour. We understand that not everyone has one hour to spend on a single podcast. And while this probably applies more to listeners that listen to the show directly on the web site, it’s everyone’s time.

So, it’s time for you to help us shape the show. Tell us what you think would be the perfect length for PhotoNetCast and we’ll try to adapt the show.



Comments (3)

I find the current length of the show pretty good, as I can usually listen to an entire show on the way to or from work on the tram (assuming I have no phone call interruptions) …

Keep up the good work guys… 🙂

Unsure if a forum, as talked about in the past show would fly or not – Personally, I struggle to find time to read all my RSS feeds and listen to podcasts, without trying to read and contribute on forums as well… Just my 2c worth!



Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your reply. It’s good to see that listeners care enough to share their opinions on the show.


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