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Listener Poll: What percentage of your photos ends up as prints?

Posted in Polls on 04-09-2008 | 10 Comments

Long gone are the days when, at least for the average user, a good percentage of the photos taken would actually be printed.

The process of dropping a film to be developed and getting back prints of every exposure or at least a contact sheet and then choosing some to be printed is forgotten in the digital age.

Even for film shooters, nowadays, it’s a common procedure to get just the film developed and later digitalized for processing.

So, what we want to know is, what percentage of your photos, whether digitalized from film or taken with your digital camera actually end up in print. To make it more realistic, don’t count the duds and exposures that you immediately reject.

From the photographs that you consider picks, what is the percentage that you actually see on paper, either printed by you or in a lab?

Do you license your images with Creative Commons?

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Comments (10)

Just got back from the slot canyons in Page, Az. Four days. 1000 frames. 24 to go up on website (soon). Might print one for myself, but mostly because the one I have in mind would look nice on canvas, and I haven’t done one that way before.

This is pretty typical.

From the work you have on your site, I’ll be looking forward to see those 24 :).

Thanks for participating.

I voted for some. Even though I still shoot film, it’s like you say, I just get develop only and scan the negatives. However I have started getting more prints as my budget allows, using Snapfish as well as a local lab.

I’ve also got a enlarger on the way to me from a family member so I would imagine that my rate of prints will increase.

An excellent poll. Out of the 6000 or so photos I shot this summer, I’m storing 1000 or so, the rest were scratched. A printout – perhaps 10 photos will get printed. The 24 inch iMac screen is really good for showing photos to the family and visitors.

Really a few – 5-10 % and i would more…
1% of my shoots going to Canvas…

I do like to make prints (or better have them made) recently. I started to make real big poster prints (50x70cm) from my favorite images and hang them to my wall. Feels and looks great.


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