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PhotoNetCast #11 – Zoriah, war photographer

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 02-09-2008 | 15 Comments

Zoriah – War photographer

As we announced earlier, we managed to schedule some time with war photographer Zoriah.

To be able to better follow the conversation, we’d encourage you to visit his site at and take a look at his portfolio and his stories.

In our conversation, Zoriah shares how he decided to become a photojournalist and later on started covering some of the major war locations and how it affected his life. We also discussed the events that brought him and his work to the eyes of the world in the middle of controversy.

As always, comments on the show are welcome.

Great work Zoriah, and thanks again for your time. It was an honor to have you on the show.



Show Notes

Interview with Zoriah


Thanks go also to the wolf brigade and Olivier for their questions.


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Comments (15)

Zoriah makes an interesting point in that he’s trained in making photos so he uses that to make a difference rather than providing first aid etc that he’s not trained in.

It’s easy to forget that there is more going on outside what the photograph depicts and how much more is going on….

Hi the_wolf_brigade,

Thanks again for your continued support of our show.

As you mentioned, that point made by Zoriah is definitely valid. He’ll probably do more for those people by documenting than by trying to help individuals. This was also the point made by Kevin Carter when criticized for his “kid and vulture” photo. Too bad that not everyone understands this…

Great interview guys.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the support. I think it was all due to how friendly Zoriah is and open to share his stories. And these are stories that deserve to be told and spread…


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