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PhotoNetCast #12 – What’s the Future of Stock Photography?

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 16-09-2008 | 5 Comments

What’s the Future of Stock Photography?

And it’s time for another dose of your audio photography. In the beginning of this episode Brian tells us more about his recent adventures on increasing hard disk space for his photos. It’s something that from time to time we all have to go through and Brian gives a few tips on how to avoid problems in the process.

Due to the recent announcement that Photoshelter Collection will go offline on the next October 10 and Corbis reducing on employees, we decided to share a few thoughts on stock photography. Is the future just really microstock?

And as always, our regular episode feature with another four great articles.

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Show Notes

Increasing hard drive space, Brian Auer style

Some of the companies selling products make it easy to increase drive space and keep redundant backups:

Future of Stock


Selected from the Web

Comments (5)

Great podcast guys. The point Jim made about getting the non-profit to pay a licensing fee was probably the highlight of the podcast IMO.

Coincidentally, I published an interview today with a well-known wedding photographer (click my name for the link) and his insight about branding v.s. freelance is one that is appropriate for stock photographers as well. Given the large supply of images out in the marketplace, very few of stock photographers have taken the step to create a brand for themselves. Of course if they see their images as just an image then you aren’t maximizing the potential perceived value of your work. It is just a picture to them. Who you are and what you represent means nothing if you adopt this approach to running a business. The whole approach of earning a living by just dumping your images to stock agencies used to work in the past due to the overhead cost that few could achieve. But now, it requires much more marketing savvy to get by and that means grabbing your business by the horns and steering it for yourself rather than letting others do it.


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