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PhotoNetCast #13 – Photo Management and Marketing

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Photo Management and Marketing

In this episode we answer two questions by our listeners Andrew Morris and Mark Fuller. The first one concerns something that we had already approached on PhotoNetCast #3: organizing your photos. We go more into detail on the software we use to catalog our images (2 Lightroom users, 2 Bridge users, who wins this one?). Mark asks us for some tips on how to start marketing your photos and score a few sales. Basic advice is here, from starting your own web site to possible approaches to your clients. And, as always, our episode feature with another 4 great links.



If you have any more advice for our listeners, both on which software Andrew should choose and how Mark can start marketing his work, please feel free to share your ideas.


Show Notes

Organizing your photos



Marketing your Photography



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Comments (7)

I understand that Adobe has a pretty big market share of the software for organising photos, but shouldn’t you at least mention Aperture and iPhoto? I know that at least Martin uses a Macbook, which comes with iPhoto preinstalled. Sure, the pro wouldn’t want to use this for his work, but at least tell us why you wouldn’t.

Since I am already commenting, TWIP covered the topic “Selling and publishing your photos” a while back: Definitely worth listening to.

Hi guys!
Thanks for a really great series of Podcast!
I found you about a month ago and I’m trying to catch up 🙂

I have a problem with the file for episode 13. I have tried downloading it with both Firefox and IE, but the file size is only 3688 KB, and the show is cut at about 7 minutes.
Please check if you can fix the issue.

The issue was resolved by itself today – I tried downloading again and this time it was ok 🙂


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