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PhotoNetCast #16 – Photographing the desert night with Troy Paiva

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 03-11-2008 | 9 Comments

Interview with Troy Paiva, exploring the desert night

It’s another episode of PhotoNetCast, and this time we have the pleasure of having as guest a photographer for whom daylight doesn’t mean much – Troy Paiva.

When Troy started photographing, the night was the time that most grabbed his attention and today, 19 years later, he his a master of night photography. But not only that, he developed a surrealistic style that became his signature.

During the interview we discussed how it all started and progressed to the development of a body of work that has been seen in many exhibitions and led to the publication of Lost America and Night Vision: The Art of Urban Exploration.

Troy also drops a few tips on how to start with night photography and light painting for all those thinking about it. And speaking of how to, his photography technique is well described and explained on his site.

Troy’s work can be seen on his Flickr stream and on his sites Lost America and Troy Paiva Photography.



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Interview with Troy Paiva

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Comments (9)

Great show guys, Troys work is amazing.

Now if only my camera would expose for more than 4 seconds….

Cheers, Rob.

Hi Rob,

What camera are you using? Are you sure it doesn’t have a Bulb function (typically marked with a B)?

And thanks for the compliment. If Troy comes around here, I’m sure he’ll be happy for it.


Hi Antonio,

It’s a lowly Fujifilm S5700 Bridge Camera – max 4 seconds on its little sensor. I love it though!

Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Rob.

This was an excellent interview and my favorite show so far.


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