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PhotoNetCast #17 – Geotagging with the Photofinder Mini

Posted in Contests, PhotoNetCast Shows on 20-11-2008 | 24 Comments

Geotagging revisited – Interview with the developers of Photofinder Mini

On PhotoNetCast #5 we approached the subject of geotagging. We had some concerns regarding the technology and usefulness of inserting location tags into the images. Now, after the launch of Photofinder Mini, we invited the developers, ATP Electronics, to give us some more insights into how geotagging works and what is innovative about their product.

I’ve reviewed their product on Words:irrational in which I go into detail my hands-on approach to their geotagging unit and having them on the show was a good opportunity to address some of the findings I describe, and to give some information on the behind-the-scenes functionality of geotagging for anyone considering it.

For now, enjoy the show… and don’t forget to participate in our giveaway.


Product Giveaway

ATP Electronics has been gracious enough to provide us with some of their products for a contest here at PhotoNetCast.

So, we have for our listeners a bundle of ATP Electronics’ products valued at about US$250.

  • 1x Photofinder Mini GPS tagging unit
  • 3x 4Gb SDHC cards
  • 5x 1Gb SD cards

How to participate

First you need to go to the Photofinder Mini site and note the two main colors of the ATP Electronics logo.

If you have a blog, we ask you to write a few lines on how geotagging would improve your photographic experience and link to this show episode (make sure the trackback is showing up on our comment list). Include also the two colors of the ATP Electronics logo.

If you don’t have a blog, use our contact form and, likewise, write us a few lines on how geotagging would improve your photography, and the answer to the logo colors question.

Prize winners will be selected randomly from all participants with the correct answer.

If you are one of the winners, we’ll contact you to ask for your address, so please use a valid email.

Deadline is December 7th, 10pm PST.

Show Notes

Interview with ATP Electronics developers

Selected from the Web

Comments (24)

How would geotagging help my photography? I might actually remember WHERE I took my photographs at!! I have people ask me where some of my photographs are taken at (and since I have no sense of Route Direction – I’m very visiually oriented!) I can’t explain WHERE I actually was (if I can remember what city is was in in the first place!!

Edit: This part of the comment was removed. We don’t want to give the answer to the giveaway question to others this easily, do we? 😉 Of note, yours was correct.

Interesting show, it spurred me to address the issue of Geotagging in my latest Podcast, where I try to point out some of the fantastic benefits of Geotagging:

Cheers, Rob.

For someone who travels a lot on business, and who always brings his camera along (as a creative escape), geotagging offers a vital point of information: where did I take that shot?

Awesome show – you guys are getting better with every episode!


Edit: Correct answer to the contest question.

I take most of my pictures from aircraft and it is very difficult to know exactly where you are from the air
I would use the geotagger to show me where I was when I took the Photographs.

EDIT: correct answer to contest question

Geotagging would help my photography immensely because I’m always wondering where I was when I made a shot and cannot for the life of me remember. I always want to go back and try something new or maybe let my friends and fellow photographers check it out and have a go at it. I am always travelling so I want to be able to visit a place I randomly stumbled upon again as well.

EDIT: correct answer to our contest question was posted.

As an aspiring landscape photographer, it’s quite necessary to travel a lot to get a large variety of images. So geotagging my images would help me immensely! I take so many pictures, that often I can’t remember where I took what. This would be the perfect addition to my gear. Thanks for the opportunity!!

EDIT: correct answer to the contest question was posted.

For me, geotagging images and viewing the locations on a map really visualizes the parts of the country/world where you haven’t taken any photo’s. A great planning tool for the next photo trip. Don’t forget the Photofinder GPS!

EDIT: correct answer to our contest question

For me, geotagging could greatly help scientists and other researchers collect data on the range of different animals as well as the general biodiversity within any given area. It would also be of great benefit to be able to identify where a shot was taken so that I could find the location again or for others to go and enjoy it for themselves.

EDIT: correct answer to contest question

Geotagging really just adds to the fun of photography. It gives me a wider range of possibilities of creativity when starting new photo projects and it allows me to tell a more detailed story with the pictures. It is a really nice addition to the world of photography.

EDIT: correct answer to our contest question.

WOW… Great participation. Thank you all.

@ Phil Hine,

If you want your entry to be counted in the random selection for the prizes you’ll have to send us an email with the correct answer to our contest question. Sorry for the nuisance but we have to abide by the contest rules.

I’ll tell you, I have the worst memory and this would help me remember exactly where I took my pictures rather than bugging my friends and family to help me.

EDIT: correct answer to contest question.

I like to geotag my photos. Presently, I use a GPS and enter waypoints at each photo location of interest. Then I use geosetter to transfer these waypoints to my raw images while still on the memory card. Next I load and convert my images to .dng files in LR. GeoSetter allows you to search for locations and add these locations to images, so you don’t even need a gps. Having the gps data gives another way to search and sort images.

EDIT: correct answer to contest question.

No question … I’m accumulating thousands of photos and would really like to remember where I have taken them all, especially to share the location with other photographers.

EDIT: correct answer to contest question

I would be so excited to get a geotagging unit for my camera. I’m studying photography and technology in college, and next semester I’m doing an independent project working on my colleges wiki and setting up a map of the campus that anyone can add information too and view. I’m looking at “egalitarian” mapping more in depth. It would be really awesome If I could combine that with my photography studies.

I also work with ecology teachers sometimes, and with a geotagging unit, it would be possible to photograph plant communities, and use the geodata to place it on a GIS map with bedrock, temperature, etc and look at the ecological effects much easier.

lastly, it would just be really cool to have geographic info when i’m travelling and taking pictures. So yes please sign me up for the sweepstakes 😀

EDIT: correct answer to the contest question


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