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PhotoNetCast #2

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Topics for this show:

  • Photographers or terrorists…

  • Video on Flickr

  • Protecting your online images from theft

And the second one is now here.

If you want to give us some feedback, go ahead, drop us a comment bellow or leave us a voice message. We appreciate it.

And enjoy…


Show Notes:

Photographers or terrorists

Once in a while we hear stories of photographers and authorities clashing on security-related issues. A case of mistaken identity perhaps…

We discuss this issue and share our stories with you.


Video on Flickr

Is it a good or bad thing? Will it remove the focus from photography? Listen to what we have to say.


Protecting your online images from theft

It’s also a recurring topic the fact that images published online sometimes are used for very different purposes than intended and without author knowledge or compensation.

But some things can be done to, if not prevent it completely, at least minimize it.


Comments (18)

I listened to both Podcasts episodes so far. I really like the way you present it. It’s not as someone holds a lecture, thats nice. And it’s also good to hear different opinions on the topics. For me, as I am from Germany it’s sometime a little bit hard to difference what is relevant to me, because for example the law topic is different in germany, as you already said. But I liked it!
The only thing which could be better is the audio quality of the voices. But I think that’s a problem, because everyone of you uses an other microphone. Sometimes it’s not easy to understand everything especially if english is not the mother language. But still, I will listen to photonetcast the next time again and I’m curious what will be the next topic.

Thanks for your work! 🙂

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your support. It’s good to know that at least one person is looking forward for the next one 🙂

I’m glad that you mentioned the quality of the sound. We’ll try to improve for the next one.

Thanks again.

i must say that i was very pleased to read the news about the launch of your podcast. I especially like the fact that this podcast is made by people that i (almost) all know already from other podcasts and photography-websites that i like very much.

So to me your podcast can’t anything but succeed 😉

I can’t wait to get my hands on some of your forthcoming episodes before writing an article about “PNC” (we all like abbreviations, don’t we?) on my blog… reviewing it probably as one of my favorite podcasts about photography?

So good luck with your new project!
Writing with light just feels right…


Hi Stefan,

What can I say? I’m exhilarated to know that people enjoyed our work.

As for the next episode, you have less than two weeks to wait. From what we have aligned for it, I think it’s going to be a good listen.

Thanks for your comment.

Finally a photography podcast that I really want to listen to! You guys did great. I really like the conversational format and the differing viewpoints – SO much better than the dull talking head podcasts that are out there. And your accents are quite pleasing as well. 🙂 I’m looking forward to future episodes.

Hi Barrie,

Following the idea on your comment, PhotoNetCast is a podcast that I really want to produce. So far, it has been great fun.
The idea was to publish something that brings conversation back into photography and we hope to manage just that.

Why not grab your phone and let us listen to what you have to say on the voice comments section? (hint, hint) 😉

Thanks for your comment.

Wow, it’s great to see the comments rolling in! And it’s awesome that I’ve heard so many encouraging words here and on our other sites. Thanks for listening everyone!

Just a note I also left on Brian’s blog, the topmenu is screwed up in my browser (Maxthon, which is built on IE7). Here’s a screenshot:,%2011_21_44.jpg

I listened to the first introductory podcast, but didn’t have time yet for the second, perhaps 1 hour is too long…

Good luck guys!

Hi libeco,

I had not noticed that problem with the menu. Seems that IE is acting up again. I’ll take a look into it. Thanks for the note.

As for the length, before we started we were aiming at something like 20-40 minutes. It got a bit out of hand. But we will reduce it for the next episodes.

Thanks for listening.

Wow – thanks everybody for your kind words and encouraging comments ! Good to see some conversation going on here on the site ! See ya !

Always test with at least IE 6 and 7, Opera 9 and firefox 2 before going live, at least, for the coming years. By the time IE 8 is the standard we can actually use real CSS without any hacks…. I hope…

I believe this is the first podcast I’m subscribed to. I’m subscribed to all four of you already, and I’m flattered to have a link that’s discussed in this podcast.

If I may suggest something though – try to limit the length of your podcast. I’ve gotten through the first two topics in this episode, but I had to cut it short – I’ll probably finish it tomorrow or later in the week. Anyway, something around half an hour should be good.

I’m looking forward to listening to you guys some more! Congratulations on your first two casts!

Hello Luis,

I think I can speak for all the team when I say thanks for the subscriptions. It’s really appreciated.
As I mentioned above, we will release shorter episodes. Something between 20 to 40 minutes will probably be the aim.
From the feedback, I think that if we need to go longer we can just break it and release as several episodes. Maybe that should have been the approach for this last one already, but it’s always a fine balance between length and content.
Stay tuned…

It’s great to see all the feedback from our first episodes. Thanks to everyone for your support and interest!


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