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PhotoNetCast #3

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 12-05-2008 | 7 Comments

Blogging & Photography and Organizing your Photos

These are the topics that we cover in the third episode of PhotoNetCast.

We hope that you didn’t suffer much waiting for your next dose of audio photography, and here it is.

First of all we’d like to thank all of you who gave us a huge dose of motivation by listening to the show. It was a great feeling to see the downloads numbers going up and the comments pouring in. It’s really appreciated.

There is that little thing with the show length. We promised that we would make them shorter (and we did) but we still are not sure if the show is still too long. Any comments on that are very much welcome.

Also, as you’ll listen, we got going with the photo organization topic and we had to stop just on the backup phase. It’s a huge topic by itself and we want to cover it on #4. But we’d also like to have your participation: what are the best ways to keep your photo safe, your workflow ideas, etc. So, the ball is on your field now. Tell us what you think and besides the comments and the contact form, why not grab your phone and really "tell" us what you think. This goes for any other topic you’d like to see discussed as well.

Enjoy the show…


Show Notes

Blogging & Photography

We share our experience on both fields and discuss the importance of blogging and being involved in the scene on the learning curve of photography.


Organizing your Photos

It can be a nightmare if suddenly you notice that you have tens of thousands of photos and they aren’t that useful since it takes you hours to find the one you want. Better sooner than later is to find an organization system that works for you, whether using photo management software of any other process. We discuss our systems and how they have been working for us. And then we drift and end up taking about prints… the beauty of conversation.


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Comments (7)

The mp3 file I download from your site is only 9 seconds long …

Hey guys. Jim pointed out this podcast to me and I listened to it today. Great dialogue about the organization of files. I appreciate the mention of my photo video as well! I will have to check out the other two podcasts when I get the chance.

Hi Hubert,

I have no problems on this side and the file downloads completely. Can you give some more details so that, if it is indeed a problem, we can try and fix it?


Hi Richard,

As I mention on the show, congratulations on the video. I found it simply amazing.
And I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast. Thanks for listening.


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