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PhotoNetCast #4 – Keeping your photos safe with regular backups and Embarrassing Moments

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 26-05-2008 | 11 Comments

Keeping your photos safe with regular backups and Embarrassing Moments

After three attempts we finally managed to release a show a little bit shorter. This is probably the length we are going to aim at on future episodes. What do you think? It’s too long still or good enough?

On today’s show we cover the backup procedure each of us uses and share some embarrassing moments / newbie mistakes we made in the field. We hope you like it.

And although we don’t mention it in the show, we have an open poll. We’d like to know a little more about your level in photography. This will help us plan what topics to cover on future episodes.

Also, there is a new way for you to interact with us besides the comments, email or voice messages. Let’s say that you are going through your regular blog posts and read something that interests you and you’d like for us to discuss in the show or at least share our point of view. Bookmark it on with the tag for:photonetcast and we’ll see it for sure.

And now, on with the show…


Show Notes

Backup your Photos

If you remember the last show, we were discussing how to organize your photos and ended the discussion before going into backups. In this show we go right into it and share our way of doing regular backups and what we do to prevent loss of files, even if something goes wrong with the drives.



Embarrassing moments / Mistakes on the field

Every photographer has, at some time or other, made mistakes that are typical of beginners. In this segment we share your own stories. We wanted to make it funny, but beyond that, we wanted to alert you to some errors that you can easily prevent. We’ve made them so that you don’t have to (well, not really, but you can always keep them in mind).

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Comments (11)

I just wanted to comment that I love this show and the content, but the sound levels for each person speaking is really annoying. Some people are much louder or bassier (too much bass) than others and it really makes it a task to listen to. I think that what you all are doing is wonderful and will continue to listen, but if at all possible, is there anything that can be done about the sound levels?


Sound levels really are a problem when we have four different people using four different mikes and connected through VoIP.
But thanks for the note. I’ll try to improve the sound quality on the next one. Hopefully it will come out better.

thanks for mentioning me in the show ;o)

first of all: i love how you guys created a show that keeps bringing out qualitative high discussion material and issues in the photography thing
it’s such a help for a beginner to hear about it and feel more integrated already

last I want to share a storie of one of my mistakes too: i was out with my bycicle just before sunset to get so long exposure field pictures near a speedway
i was sitting in a rather dark spot so i didnt have the pressure of fearing somebody to see me and get curious about what I am doing at noon alone on a field with my bike..
anyway I wanted to have some nice contrasting colors in the foreground of the field in comparison to the nice sky and cloud colors
so I took the car-like bike lamp of my dad and took some colored transparent papers (crafting supply store) and it was actually really nice light
but oh well I was too stressed about somebody wanting to know what i was doing that I did most of the process in a hurry and when I got the shot and had actually the time to shine around with the lamp for the whole 30 seconds exposure … I didnt focus right 😐
after that i had to wait till there were no cars in sight again and it took quite a while … after which the sunset had proceeded too much and I couldn’t get the sky and the foreground in the same zone … so either one of them was burned out while the other one was black ..
bottom line : always know what your allowed to do and what not
if you want to take pictures on private ground ask the owner for allowance to do so (unless you’re okay with living life the james bond style ;D)
greetings from germany

Hi there,
First off, I just finished listening to episode 5 (had to catch up), but something in this backup episode caught my attention.
I forget which one of you mentioned it, but unless you have a really high end fire proof safe, your backup DVD’s that you are storing in there might not be as safe as you like. Sure they won’t be touched by the flames directly, but the temperature that can be reached inside of those safes is a little too high for the plastic and if they didn’t just smolder, they would almost certainly warp. I don’t want to come off as alarmist, but was just wondering if you thought of this issue.

Me, I use an internal SATA RAID 1 array, RAW’s are Synctoy’d ( to an external HD daily, and that external drive is shipped via Mozy to their backup servers. I have a second one of those identical external drives, which gets a “when I remeber” backup and is stored in a different location.

My internal hard drives also have a small 4.6GB partition, as a staging area, which is very handy for DVD backup sizing.

Keep the episodes coming – really helps my commute go by a lot faster with something sensible to listen to!


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