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PhotoNetCast #7 – Editing and Processing in Photography

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 07-07-2008 | 7 Comments

Editing and processing has been done since photography began, and was a common procedure that many of the great masters have used to expand beyond reality and create a new reality on the photo paper.

Now let’s bring digital into the scene…

From one captured image is now possible to create, within seconds, a multitude of different photos just with a few clicks of the mouse.

For the purists, a deadly photographic sin. For others, an opportunity for explosive creativity.

How far can an image be edited and processed and still be considered photography? And in which situations can an altered image be used?

In this episode of PhotoNetCast we discuss this, and more.



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Editing and Processing in Photography



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What’s a photograph? What’s a camera? What’s art? Definitions for each keep changing. My take is that all photographers are liars to some extent.

Hey guys,

I really like your show and I’m confident you’re capable of bringing us great stuff on your podcast. You actually did already bring us great stuff (in previous episodes).
I do hope that you’ll leave these “threadmill-discussions” about film vs. digital and to which extent one should retouch his/her photos behind, and bring more interesting stuff in the podcast. Don’t just do what all the other podcasts do, your bringing a different value to the podosphere.

Kind regards
Uwe Mayer


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