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PhotoNetCast #8 – Photo Competitions

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 21-07-2008 | 9 Comments

Photo Competitions

Participating in photo competitions is one of the many ways photographers have to get their work out there. Choosing the right images, the right title, the right print and of course, the right contest can overwhelm even the most experienced photographer. But besides the exposure, participating in photo competitions can also improve you as a photographer.

In this show we welcome David Ziser, a professional photographer with many competitions on his belt, as a participant and judge, to share some of his experience and tips.



As usual, the show got longer than we expected but it’s worth it.

Please feel free to leave us your feedback and if you enjoy the discussion, why not going to David’s site and telling him that also.

Thanks for listening.


Show Notes

Lots of reading today…

Photo Competitions


David talks about his work

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Comments (9)

The MP3 link, PhotoNetCast-Episode008.mp3, seems to only contain the preamble and not the show. It only lasts for about 20 seconds and is 256kb in size. Can you post the rest of the program, or tell me what I may be doing wrong?

Hi Pete,

Unfortunately I could not reproduce your problem using either Firefox or Internet Explorer. All the links seem to work fine.
Have you tried all the options (playing it on the site, on the pop-up or even downloading it)? Are you using a podcatcher (iTunes, Feedstation, etc) or just trying to download?

Hi Antonio,
I disabled Anti-Virus and Firewall and was able to access the full show. Don’t suppose it’s worth trying to figure out why, but thought I would post in case others have a similar issue.

Thanks for sharing the solution.

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