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What level of Editing and Processing is acceptable in Photography? – Poll Results

Posted in Polls on 28-07-2008 | 6 Comments

About one month ago we asked you what level of editing and processing was acceptable in photography.

One week after we opened the poll we talked about some preliminary results. At the time 47 of you had voted and things were looking like photography should allow for complete creativity freedom in the edition process.

After one month and 144 votes, the results changed quite a bit with "Anything needed, as long as the final result still resembles a photo" assuming clear leadership.

Here are the final results of our poll:

We want to thank all of you who participated.

As a final question, if you voted after listening to the podcast episode, did our discussion influence your vote?

Let the comments begin…

Comments (6)

Very interesting poll. Photoshop has singlehandedly transformed how photography is done, for better or worse.

Thanks for the comment.

And you have there a very good point. Now my question to you is, for better or for worse? What do you think?

Well, I think the answer to that is very subjective. I love the convenience that Photoshop brings to post processing an image, but it has also opened a Pandora’s box with respect to manipulation. If you know it can be done and you’d prefer to see the image differently, then why not? But, it depends upon what you intend to convey with the image. With portraiture, people want you to make them look good, so perhaps a little manipulation is tantamount to a little white lie. No one gets hurt right? In photojournalism, manipulation is completely unethical if it changes the meaning of what is supposed to be an image captured in the moment. So, perhaps better or worse depends on what the true intent of the image is. I don’t know 🙂

I’m a big fan of the “Do it in the camera” or don’t do it at all. I think that’s the challenge that serious photography poses to us. I more often find myself in the category of whatever was done in the darkroom is acceptable. For all of the people that are against any post processing, my grandfather owned several portrait studios from the 1940’s up to the late 1980’s and they did all sorts of manipulations on their final product; everything from removing pimples to whitening teeth.

There are a lot of purists out there when it comes to post processing a photo, and I respect that. Before I knew what photography meant to me, I was one of them. While having good in-camera technique can simplify your process, as well as show how great and wonderful you are as a photographer……..wanting more from a ‘properly exposed’ photo you’ve captured is not a crime.

HP is right about the answer being very subjective….but that’s photography……with or without the help of photoshop, someone….somewhere is not really going to like your work anyway. Not every photographer I come across knocks my socks of, as I’m sure the same may go for someone who stumbled across my photos…….I don’t expect everyone to like them…….but, I take photos for myself……..I can’t please everybody!



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