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How do you listen to PhotoNetCast?

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Behind the scenes of the show we are always trying to know more about our listeners and figure out new ways for interaction. Of course that not all the listeners have the same equipments and it makes it hard for us to generalize and try to include new features that would only be available to a group of listeners and not to others.


So, help us out by dropping your vote on the poll.




Thanks for your vote.

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My truck has a mp3 cd player, so I burn all my podcasts to a cd and listen while I drive

I’ll have to say that way of listening never crossed my mind, but now that I think of it, makes a lot of sense. It’s quite some effort so we really appreciate that PhotoNetCast is on your playlist.

Thanks for your vote and comment.

You are very welcome. All I can say about the podcast is MORE! 🙂

I load it on an iPod and then play it in my car. Almost all of my podcast listening happens in the car. I rarely listen while I’m at home.

Hi Laura,

Knowing which device our listeners use, and also where, will help us know what kind of rich media we can include on the file (such as images).

Thanks for the input. And for keep listening. You’re listening basically since the first episodes right? 😉

I also listen on an ipod plugged into my car stereo. Rich media is wasted on me…

That is basically what we need to know.


I load the episodes onto my Sony Walkman and listen to it on my bycicle or in the car.

When you plan to discuss pictures in the show, I think it could be helpful to replace the logo as cover image with the foto you discuss. (But this only helps, if you discuss only one image / show).


Hi Lammy,

The problem with that is that iTunes and other podcast directories will grab the logo embedded in the file and use it as the show logo. This means that all the episodes of the show would have as logo the latest image included. So, not really an option. Thanks for your suggestion anyway… and your vote.


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