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PhotoNetCast #21 – The Flickr/Getty Partnership

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 28-01-2009 | 8 Comments

The Flickr/Getty Images Partnership

In July 2008 Flickr announced that they would start a partnership with Getty Images in order to ease the process of creating a Flickr Collection on Getty containing only images from Flickr users. This move, either by Flickr or Getty, generated quite a buzz in the stock photography world. On January 21, Flickr made a second announcement stating that invitations to Flickr users to start submitting the “chosen” images to Getty were being sent en masse.

What does this all mean to photographers, either pros or amateurs, and specially to those that are not so much into the photography business and want to get a foot on the door?

In this episode we try to approach the issues and look at the pros and cons of accepting such invitations.

Jim published on his blog his own view where he mentions that he is not going to accept the Flickr/Getty invitations. To provide some balance to the discussion, we have the pleasure of having as guest Dave Wilson, a serious amateur who wants to start monetizing his work and sees the Flickr/Getty invitations a good opportunity.

NOTE: While the show was being edited we got a reply from Getty mentioning that they would probably be interested in having someone on a future show. Let’s see where it leads and if we are able to having someone from inside addressing some of our questions.

We have a poll open asking whether you’ll take the Flickr Getty invitation if you get it. Don’t forget to vote.

And again, a big thanks to Dave for having joined us. You can also follow him on twitter.

For now, enjoy the show…


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Show Notes

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Comments (8)

Downloading the show now, but that still doesn’t answer the question of why haven’t I got my invitation yet? 😀

Didn’t Jim mention a website for pricing photography on the show? I don’t see it in the show notes.

Hi Dave,

If I’m not mistaken Jim mentioned fotoQuote. It’s not a website but a standalone software considered one of the “pillars” of stock photography pricing.

You can find it and other photography software by the same developer at


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