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PhotoNetCast #22 – Defining your photography goals

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Defining goals for your photography

In an episode that probably steered a little away from the originally intended, we approach the science of setting photographic goals. In a path that can be frustrating for anyone, knowing how to plan your photographic career, whether on a professional or enthusiast level, can be one of the main time and personal investments you’ll ever do. But remember, keeping the fun in what you do should probably be always your main photographic goal. If we managed to provide some help, then our own goal with this episode has been achieved.



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Comments (3)

Just started listening to your podcast and i’m working my way from the bottom.

Anyway, I know this episode is old but still relevant for people like me. I’m just starting out and this topic on goals was helpful.

Here’s my take, lowering expectations will only discourage you because that’s exactly the result you will get.

What we need is to be able to tell the difference between REALISTIC goals and DREAMS/ASPIRATION/AMBITION.

Achieving the Dream or Ambition is where your high expectations lay. “I want to be a high paid pro photographer in the future”. It may sound like a goal but it’s not. It is a high expectation that may or may not happen.

I want to be an expert on Sunny F16 by the end of next week IS A GOAL. It’s definite, it’s realistic and it has a time frame. If by the end of next week I’m still not an expert, then I can examine why I haven’t reached that goal.

Just my two cents.


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