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PhotoNetCast #24 – Filters in the Digital Age

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 03-03-2009 | 6 Comments

Filters in the Digital Age

One week later than usual (my fault), PhotoNetCast is back. This time we go into the latest mass copyright infringement: how memes are encouraging image theft on Facebook and Flickr. Also, we answer a question by one of our listeners regarding the use of filters to improve digital photography: are they still worth it? And what a great discussion with very dissonating opinions this was. This and more, on PhotoNetCast #24.

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Show Notes


Metropolitan police federation show support for photographers

Nikon price increase

Flickr group uses photos for project = Fair use?

Filters in the digital Age

How to use camera filters for photography

Let’s paint the world

Photo filters for black and white photography

Black and white filters FAQ

Filter options for digital cameras

Filters for digital cameras

Minimize the costs of a smash


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Comments (6)

In the show, I heard it mentioned that all Cokin filters are plastic. While this is true for their colour filters, many other Cokin filters are glass mounted in a square plastic holder that fits in the standard square carrier. I still use my (glass) Cokin circular polarizer pretty frequently.

Hey Dave,

I had the feeling it was as you mentioned, but was not certain as I’ve never used a glass one from Cokin. We stand corrected.

Thanks for your input.

Please note, re digital

UV filter helps cut through haze /mist /fog etc.

Polariser – has to be the circular not linear type for auto-focus to work – extremely useful on overcast days, as cuts reflections on foliage and enhances colour contrast, as well as for cutting reflections on water /glass + deepening sky hue.

FLD very useful near sunset or sunrise, or as a ‘warming’ filter!

Not easy or sometimes impossible to replicate these in Photoshop.

So essentially get all three!


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