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PhotoNetCast #26 – Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 30-03-2009 | 5 Comments

Going Beyond your Comfort Zone in Photography

What is it with us that after we have learned how to do something in a certain way we tend to stick to it and it becomes harder to break out?

While it might make some sense, this way of thinking is also a learning stopper. The more time you take to photograph always in the same way, the more harder it will become to go out, break your habits and learn new things.

From Wikipedia:

“One’s comfort zone refers to the set of environments and behaviors with which one is comfortable, without creating a sense of risk.”

And applying this to photography:

“Thirty-six satisfactory exposures on a roll means a photographer is not trying anything new.” – Freeman Patternson

In this episode we discuss how important it is for a photographer to always be a step ahead of the comfort zone and staying on that edge where there is no fear of experimenting and failing, because learning just comes that way.

We are also opening a new segment on the show in which we ask you to submit your photos that you’d like us to critique. Some more details on this to come on a future post, but if you listen to this show you’ll get a pretty good idea of what we are talking about. We’re waiting for your submissions…

Enjoy the show…



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Tiago Valente suggested a WordPress template for wedding photographers, the Kertesz. It’s not free but might be worth a look.

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