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PhotoNetCast #28 – Travel Photography

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Travel Photography

In this episode that, if no one has noticed yet, marks the 1 year anniversary of PhotoNetCast, we start by talking about what expectations we had (or not) for the show and how we have met them. It has been quite the ride, all the learning process of everything that is related to podcast production, the effort to plan and edit the shows and have them up in a timely manner, and of course, all the great great discussions we had, including the ones that don’t make it to the final cut. The feedback from you, our audience, has been phenomenal and just that makes up for all the efforts. With every episode our listeners’ numbers keep rising, we have pushed an enormous amount of data, and my feeling is that our discussions are getting more dynamic and getting better. Thank you all for your support and for continuing downloading PhotoNetCast.

On the subject of Travel Photography, we discuss some topics that are important while planning the trip, from what gear to take and logistic considerations to equipment insurance, to what to do while you are on-site, including maintenance of the equipment. The laws and cultural aspects of your target destination is also something you should have in mind. And what about some discussion on how to be creative and original with your travel photography, whether you are doing it for business or fun? Yeap, we have it.

As always, comments are welcome. And if you have any questions you’d like us to approach on the show, feel free to send them in.

Enjoy the show.


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Travel Photography

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I’ll second the recommendation for the GorillaPod. I have a GorillaPod Zoom SLR and love it. I’m not convinced that it would really hold a normal DSLR with anything above the smallest zooms even when shooting in portrait format, though. I use mine with a Canon Powershot G9 (it’s my travel setup when I can’t carry my DSLR – both will fit in my laptop bag on business trips) and, with the addition of a small Giotto ball-head, it’s superb. One of the best things about it is its ability to attach to railings and even vertical posts by winding the legs around them allowing you to do fun things like this.

Hey Dave,

It actually does hold a camera with a mid-sized lens, and as I discussed on the show, if the lens has a tripod attachment, bigger lenses can be used. Probably not to wrap around poles but steadying the tripod on a horizontal surface it works. Another great thing about this little gadgets that none of us mentioned but I’m using it for is as a light stand. With a small adapter on the shoe of the strobes, you can use the GorillaPods to place the strobe basically anywhere.

Thanks for the comment.

Unfortunately, I can’t afford lenses with tripod collars 🙁 I also use my GorillaPod as a light stand too – another great use I had forgotten about.

At the moment when I’m traveling I only carry a mono pod, but I really need a small handy tripod. maybe the gorilla one would work?



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