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PhotoNetCast #29 – The First Photo Critique

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 11-05-2009 | 6 Comments

As we’ve been hinting in past episodes, we intend to release some shows in which we choose photos submitted by our listeners to be critiqued.

We are planning to release these segments intercalated with our regular episodes, making it one PhotoNetCast a week, something that some listeners have requested.

This is an experimental segment and we are looking forward to your feedback with suggestions on how we could improve it. If you have any ideas that we could implement, please tell us something about it.



Photo Critique #1

The image submitted by our listener chosen for the main critique: "untitled" by Georgios Karamanis.

Untitled by Georgios Karamanis


Photo Highlights


Martin: Brian:
Hiding behind myself - reloaded David
Antonio: Jim:
trees and the angry clouds Where is the giant gorilla when you need one!!!?

Comments (6)

Thanks for selecting my photo and the critique. It was a nice surprise, I’m a new listener and I just finished listening to all the past episodes.

I agree with you on all the points you made. I was hesitant about the saturation, I think too that it’s a little too much actually. I tried to emphasize the dirt path by playing with the color channels but it didn’t really work (b&w wasn’t a success either). The problem was that the original was a bit “flat”, no contrast at all. I guess it was about the light or something. It looked more interesting to me when I punched the saturation, with those 3 color areas. And I decided to leave the bird (that’s the spot!), it looked nice over the end of the path. It would be better if I had a flock of birds there! 🙂

Thanks again, the feedback was great, it’s not so often that one gets constructive critique. One thing is sure, I’ll go back and make a better shot!

Hey Guys,
Thank you so much for your comments on my photo, “trees and the angry clouds.” I am somewhat new to photography and having one of my pictures selected was a real thrill. To answer Antonio’s question about the pp I converted the color picture into black and white using NIK’s Silver Efex Pro B&W software and added a high contrast orange filter. That is what brought out the white in the trees. In another version, I added a sepia overlay which I think made it even better.
Well, thanks a million, it was a real thrill to hear you discuss one of my pics.
PS, you did a great job pronouncing my name!

Hey guys,

I apologize in advance because this is going to be generally negative feedback. I don’t do this lightly, because I love the regular show, and I really appreciate everything that you guys are doing for the photography world. But the simple truth is that this was the most boring podcast I have ever listened too. I actually had to shut it off. I tried again to listen to it a couple days later, but still couldn’t make it through it.

I love to see a good critique as much as the next guy, but unfortunately audio podcasts just aren’t very visual and even looking at the photographs while listening (which I normally don’t do since I listen to my podcasts on my iPod while I’m in the car or out and about doing stuff) didn’t help.

The beauty of your show (normally) is the interaction between the participants. You all walk very different photographic lives and it is generlaly so cool to hear the different points of view on every topic. Your most recent show (#30 about sharing photography for free) was the perfect example of that. You were able to discuss a very important issue, from 2 or 3 very different perspectives, yet you all raised excellent points and discussed it like good friends, partners, and like adults.

This critique show on the other hand was simply monotonous. You each talked for awhile about what you saw without any interaction. I will be the first to admit that I’m not sure I would appreciate a critique episode in any form, but I honestly think that you will have to do something major to spice it up if this is going to continue to be a regular feature on the feed.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone with these comments, but I think that you all honestly want to know the truth…

I really do love the show and I’m always excited to see the next edition show up on my iPod!

Regards, Sean

Every one is entitled to their opinion but I dont agree with the last comment at all.

I am new to photography and I appreciate any kind of real critique from people who appreicate and know the art. There were four different prospectives on the one image with both possitive and negative feedback. All with out the sense of elitism you normally recieve.

I have learned much from this episode and hope there will be more like this. Hopefully one of my photos will be chosen in the future.

-Mister Lee


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