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PhotoNetCast #31 – Stock Photography and different Licensing Models

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 04-06-2009 | 9 Comments

The World of Stock Photography and the different Licensing Models, with David Sanger and Rich Legg



When choosing your path into commercial photography, and in particular stock photography, it’s wise to define your business model and know exactly what each of the different approaches will pay off, having into account your style of photography, the market (or niche) you’re trying to break into, and even the investments your prepared to make, whether time or financial.

In this episode we have the pleasure of having with us Rich Legg (@leggnet), a well-known iStockphoto contributor and big name (although he doesn’t want to admit it) in the microstock field, and David Sanger (@davidsanger), an achieved and outstanding travel photographer and Getty Images contributor.

Our guests takes into the inside of the life of a stock photographer (microstock and traditional) and discuss at length their current business models and their reasons for choosing them, advantages and disadvantages, marketing their photography, licensing photography on a Royalty Free (RF) or Rights-Managed manner, amongst other things on what was a great conversation.

And if we have any questions regarding any of the topics approached, please feel free to drop them on the comments sections as both Rich and David will probably take a few minutes to try to develop further on them.

We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did and again we have to thank David and Rich for their prompt willingness to join us on PhotoNetCast.


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On a personal note, the PhotoNetCast Crew wants to whish a fast and healthy recovery to Bengt Båvegård (paradox66 on Twitter) from Bild och foto, a colleague photographer, blogger and PhotoNetCast listener. Get well soon.

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Just finished listening to the podcast and wanted to thank both of you for sharing insights into why you have chosen to do as you do.

Very informative post and podcast.

Choosing the right license can make a big difference.


This was a really useful podcast. It helps reduce some of the confusion I have had around the different licensing models… Would be good to revisit this and see how things have changed since it was recorded.

I enjoyed visiting your website. Is there a better camera than the sx210is without going to a full DSLR


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