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PhotoNetCast #32 – Questions from our listeners

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 16-06-2009 | 5 Comments

Questions from our listeners: tripods, assignments, Lightroom and much more…


In the past weeks we have been receiving some questions from our listeners but, usually due to time constrains, we have not been able to provide suitable answers. So, #32 was reserved just for that.

If you have any photography related questions, please feel free to drop them on a comment, contact us using our contact form, email us directly using photonetcast ((at)) or, why not, follow the show on twitter and send your questions there (can you do it in 140 characters or less?).

Here is the list of questions we answer today:

Jonas Hakins

"I’ve recently upgraded from a P&S to a dSLR. I’ve read much about using tripods to increase sharpness in photos and I was thinking about getting me one. Any advice? Carbon or normal? And what about the heads? Ballhead or plate? Help!!!

Also, I’m thinking that going around always carrying a tripod might not be the best solution. Just the idea of for every photo having to setup the tripod is enough to put me off. What do you guys think about this? Do you always use tripods?

And keep up the great work with the podcast. Cheers."

Fiona Brooks

"Hi. I’m specializing in interior decoration photography and I was interested on your thoughts about giving up your rights on assignments. In the past months I was contacted by at least 3 publishers that wanted me to do some assignment work for them, mostly decoration products and furniture, but on the condition that all the copyrights revert to them on payment. It bugs me that some of these photos could, later on, be sold as stock to other companies. What is the standard nowadays?"

Rolf Kalrsson

"I group my photos per year when importing to Lightroom (and on the PC). I let Lightroom create a folder with the date the photo was taken when importing. Lightroom has created two folders named 2009. On the PC there is only one. When I drag a folder, say 2009-01-01 from one of the 2009 folders to the other, Lightroom says that it already exists. How can I correct this problem without removing the photos and re-importing them. I have already adjusted the photos so I don’t want to re-do that. I would be grateful for your help. Many thanks in advance. /Rolf"

Dave Hook

"I’m not sure if you’ve ever mentioned it or not on one of your earlier shows, but now that you’ve reached the one year anniversary, I was wondering how did the four of you start getting together? It appears that you are all from different locations.



"It would be informative if, at the beginning of each podcast, each of you discussed the last shoot you’d done."

Peter Perez

"Hi guys. First of all I want to congratulate you on your first year of PhotoNetCast. It’s one of the photo podcasts I never find boring. I have a question that you might help me with: I’m thinking about getting one of those Wacom tablets for precision editing inside LR or PS. Although not overly expensive, I’m still in doubt if the money would not be better employed on some other gear like a new lens. Have you used one, and if so, do you recommend it? Looking forward to get many more episodes of PNC."

Mary Jones

"Quick question that you might answer on the show. I’ve upgraded from Adobe bridge to Lightroom (in part due to your recommendations) and now I have the option of storing my files as raw data, tiff or dng. While tiff or dng may sound like a good idea, the amount of storage needed for these huge files makes it almost colossal. Are they really needed or should I just go with the old jpeg? Thanks for your nice conversations"


"I have a tendency of rejecting a lot of images that others like. How do you stop from being so critical of your own work."

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this show.

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Comments (5)

Regarding the lightroom moving photos question. When i’ve had the problem I simply go into the folder and select all the photos then drag them into the target folder.

Thank you for answering my question. I really appreciate all the feedback and advice I received. It was very helpful!

You have a great show.


@Paul: Cool to hear 😉 Make shure that if you have any other question regarding photography – let us know.
@Phill: Yap, good choice!

Another great show. I was especially surprised by the mention at the end. As an FYI – the name is pronouced just like the seafood; crab.

Cheers, & looking forward to the next show.



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