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PhotoNetCast #33 – When it’s time to go Pro

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When the time comes to go Pro as Photographer


At some point in our photographic lives, the idea of going pro crosses our minds (specially at those times when the office space starts to feel claustrophobic). But how and where to start?

In this episode we bring you the "adventure" of our guest Neil Creek and his move from a photography enthusiast to a full time professional. We discuss why he decided it was the time to go pro, the problems he’s facing and how he is surpassing them. Neil explains his choices for the beginning of his career and gives a few advices for anyone wanting to thread on his steps.

Iyou have any questions for Neil, make sure you send us a comment and we’ll pass it on to him and keep the information flowing.


And as always, we have to thank all our listeners for all the great feedback, interaction and reviews. You make all of this worth it.


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While listening to this show I wondered if Neil listens to the Shutters Inc. podcast. They recently did a whole series of shows (122 through 128) on “going pro”. As Shutters Inc. is an Aussie show, long-time pro Shelton uller may well have offered some info that would be of particular use to Neil during his transition from hobbyist to professional.


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