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PhotoNetCast #34 – Street Photography

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 23-07-2009 | 7 Comments

Street Photography


Probably one of the most enticing types of photography happens on the streets. Capturing that unique moment that not only represents the instant but is capable of transmitting emotion requires not only a huge amount of practice but also an extraordinary eye for detail and proficiency in composition.

In this episode we start approaching this topic and we’ll probably expand it with the help of some guests in a future show. From legal issues to equipment and also a touch on the creative side, we try to give an overview of what is capturing "living moments" on the street.

As always, your comments of the topic are truly appreciated. Share your experiences with us.


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Street Photography

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Folks may find this video interesting. I love it but am not sure I would have the guts to set up a white screen in a street and take portraits of random strangers.

Regarding the photoblog awards, people are finding it very difficult to figure out how to vote this year. The secret is to click the tiny “Vote” text below a blog’s current vote count. You need to register to vote but, once you do this, you can vote for up to (I think) 60 of your favourite blogs.

I currently live in US. Several print-out of Photographer’s rights are always in my camera bag, along with model releases. Now, it looks I will be moving back to Europe. Are you aware of any similar brochure-form rights summarizing European lows and customs?

Hi Iza,

The laws in Europe vary from country to country, although there are some general guidelines by the EU.

In any case, if you’re planned move is to the UK, I’ll give you two links to pdf files that you can print and carry with you: and

Hope this helps and thanks for the comment.

Thanks, although I am not moving to UK (I wouldn’t mind, though 😉 ), I still find your links very useful! Keep up great podcast.


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