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PhotoNetCast #36 – Photography Projects

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 22-09-2009 | 5 Comments

After a longer-than-usual delay PhotoNetCast is back. On this episode we take a closer look at photography projects, both short and long-term.

Having a photography project might be a good way to keep you focused on your photography work, and always having something to shoot.

We discuss the earlier steps of a project and how to decide on the right project for you, how to keep yourself focused and complete your projects on a stepwise manner and finally the output (that, if everything goes according to plan, you have decided on your earlier planning stages).

And as we mention on the show, the challenge is on for you to think about a photo project and describe it to us on the comments section… Do you have a current project? What would you like to shoot? Don’t forget how would you like to end the project (exhibit, book, …).

On this show we also mention the new Canon EOS 7D and it seems that some wild Canon rumors are around.

Hope you enjoy the show…


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funny, i just put together this together: Photography Projects. i hadn’t heard of before – thanks!

My current project is a two year project of photographing Project Vortex 2, an American government funded study of tornadoes. I did the first half earlier this year and will shoot the second half next May. Even though I do a great deal of storm chasing and photography on my own, shooting this project is still a pretty big challenge (I think I drove around 7000 miles in a bit over 2 weeks) and a heck of a lot of fun.

My current photography project without a clear finish date is photographing the old cinemas that are disappearing in my city.

The fun part is that I’m doing this in medium format.

Thanks for the mention, guys!

This episode covered some really great stuff for my readers. I’ll make sure to point them your way.


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