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Poll: Flickr/Getty Images – Would you accept the invitation?

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The second round of invitations to Flickr users to participate in the Flickr Collection at Getty Images started earlier today. As usual with something like this, the buzz around the interwebs is immense, and heated opinions are popping out everywhere. Some Flickr users are more than excited about accepting the invitations to submit their images while others are more reluctant.

On our side here at PhotoNetCast, Jim already publically announced that he’s passing on the invite.

And what about you? Did you get an invite? If so, will you take the opportunity or not?

That’s our next poll…




If you want to expand your answer, feel free to use the comments section.

Comments (7)

I didn’t get an invite just yet (my vote) and I’m not really expecting one, but I think at this stage I’d accept conditionally. There are some photos I have on flickr which I feel might have some possible saleability at a later date, so for those I’d have to think carefully.

At this point though I’m just shooting for fun and some more money for 4×5 film wouldn’t go astray! I have read Jim’s post and I’m following the discussion in the flickr group so I’m well versed at this stage of the implications of participating, and I’m still prepared to accept if I get given the opportunity.

Ordinarily I’d consider an invitation to join Getty but as it relates to the Flickr partnership no way. I removed most of my 15 or so pictures from Flickr a while back because I didn’t like how others said their photos were being exploited. Also, the exclusivity clause really sucks. I inquired with Age / Fotostock a couple years ago but ultimately declined to submit due to the same reason.

Got an invite last week. Haven’t decided if I’ll take it yet. (There’s not an undecided option in your poll.)

I really agree with Jim’s position, but most of the photos of mine they selected aren’t ones that I would ever think to market myself. As a matter of fact, many of them are a couple years old and not I don’t particularly like them anymore (I guess I’ve moved on creatively), so I may submit them just to see what happens.

Hell yes. I have several thousand photos in with Alamy and regularly license images on my own — but Getty will pimp the hell out of your photos, especially the RM photos. The Flickr invites are strictly for commercial collection work, too — so having your RM work pushed by Getty to commercial clients could mean some serious $$$.

Yes, it’s true with Getty you’ll have much more opportunities to sell than with Alamy.

But it comes at a price. Getty is selling more, has more visibility on the market, better and more means and money to really make a difference. Except that they:

1. Want exclusivity, meaning you can sell these images only through them and they do not joke about legal matters.
2. Are arrogant because they have a huge success.

I have issues with flickr, a lot of users simply removed their pictures from there because it’s too easy to steal them and there is a lot of robbery in this area !

I have also issues with exclusivity. It’s you work, you live in a democracy, nobody should impose you not to sell your work where you want.

Other solutions are:

1. Corbis: Very high end (minimum 50 MB + being a ro + having a pro website, etc..
But again, they charge a fee if you remove your pictures from their website (another abusive practice. Corbis belongs to bill gates, so we know how this crook became rich by stealing from Steve Jobs and screwing millions with a malfunctioning OS).

2. Alamy: less money, less exposure, less means, but no exclusivity.

3. Small, unknown and unreliable agencies like Agefotostock who pretend they will make a difference while exploiting shamelessly your work for their own profit. You’ll probably never sell with them or very little.
They have been there for 40 years, nobody ever heard about them, everybody wonder how they survive and the web is full of complaints about these people.

The best option is to sell your work directly, all the agencies will take at least 50% of your sale for very little service in return (except Getty who is really going after copyright violators).

You will be paid in $ even though you leave in Europe and of course the exchange rate will be at the sole advantage of the provider. You will have tax withdrawn at source + VAT. meaning, you’ll end up with around 30% of the real selling price.

Does it worth the effort of:
selecting work
retouching, photoshop etc..
hours of uploading
Online portfolio management for each agency

For few 100$ ? Calculate the time spent and the money you get in return of your investment in material and time and make a choice…


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