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PhotoNetCast #44 – Photographing Haiti after the quake, with Felix Kunze

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On the past January 12, Haiti got hit by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that left 230,000 people dead and over 1 million homeless.

In this episode we have with us Felix Kunze, a London based commercial photographer who decided to visit and document Haiti after the tragedy, and follow the country’s steps to recovery.

Working as a volunteer, Felix was no only able to connect with the people and help where help was needed, but also gather a fantastic collection of images that tell stories of tragedy and despair but also hope and cheerfulness.

We also touch on some of the logistics involved in flying to a disaster area with the purpose of documenting it, the required contacts and networking and how to deal with the tragedy and still find joy to shoot.

Our thanks go to Felix for his time and his stories.



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