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PhotoNetCast #45 – Photographer on Assignment, with Raul Touzon

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 13-05-2010 | 6 Comments

In this episode we have the pleasure of having with us documentary photographer Raul Touzon.

Raul started his career as an underwater photographer but is better known for his documentary / photojournalism work that includes assignments for the National Geographic magazine.



Recently, Raul traveled to Sudan on assignment for the U.N. to document the region, its people and culture. And it’s about this latest endeavor that we focused our conversation with Raul.


Raul is also a photography instructor, producing and teaching workshops for the Santa Fe Workshops and National Geographic Expeditions, and leading photo-adventures at PhotoXpeditions.



We still had time to talk about the new Adobe Photoshop CS5, watching tv with House, and a kind of Polaroid camera that is not quite like a Polaroid camera but it’s called Polaroid.

All photos Copyright Raul Touzon. Used with permission.




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Can you provide some links to the Lensbaby images from Raul Touzon assignments? I am interested in seeing the lens can be used for something more than creative fun. I cannot find them on his web page (it is quite hard to navigate šŸ™ ). Greetings.

Hi Iza,

I don’t know if it was ever mentioned in the interview but the images coming out of this latest assignment, which also include the ones made with a Lensbaby, are still under embargo from the UN and Raul doesn’t have them yet even on his site.
From the 3 of us, Dave was the only that saw these ones since he attended on of Raul’s workshops.
I’ll keep in contact with Raul and will try to send you the link as soon as they become available.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks! And keep up with great podcast, I love that it brings view of different people to the table, it is very informative!

One of the guests are very muffled and difficult to understand due to poor quality mic or a bad cell phone connection or something…. I am surprised Photo Net Cast even published this. Too hard on the ears and therefore not worth listening too.


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