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PhotoNetCast #47 – The Value of Photography Magazines

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Discovering the true value of a photography magazine



For this episode two new voices join us on the show: Sean Galbraith, co-owner of galleryDK and Achim Runnebaum, editor of RAN Magazine.

A few days ago I posted an article on my blog explaining why I don’t subscribe to generalist photography magazines and would rather pay a higher price for a good quality magazine showcasing photography art and documentary, and asking the readers how much would such a magazine be worth for them. This was the same question I brought to the panel for discussion on the show.

We’ve also analyzed some of the new features of Lightroom 3 namely the noise reduction and how it compares to some third party applications.

iPhone 4 anyone? Is iphoneography here to stay with the new improvements (supposed) on the new iPhone’s camera? Everyone seems to think so.

Got some thoughts on the topics? Just drop us a comment…

If you want to submit your photos to the PhotoNetCast group on Flickr, we are looking for your black & white landscapes. Don’t forget to tag them with PNC46.

Very nice conversation with everyone. Thanks again to Sean and Achim. I’m sure we’ll have them again on the show soon.

Enjoy the show…




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#47 was a fantastic show. I really like magazines and would like to know of some better photo art mags that perhaps my local store does not carry. Some I know: Lenswork, Color, B&W, Photographer’s Forum, Shots, Aperture. (What happened to Camera Arts?)

One that baffles me is Blind Spot. Can anybody tell me what this magazine is all about? The photos seem more along the lines of concept art and quite frankly…I don’t get it. Any chance of getting someone from that magazine on your show for an interview?

Thanks for the comment.
I don’t know if we can bring someone from Blind Spot for an interview, but we can definitely try 🙂

As for a list of magazines, maybe we can come up with a list in the form of blog post. Stay tuned.

Thanks for responding. The man behind SHOTS magazine would also make for a possible interesting and informative interview.


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