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PhotoNetCast #50 – Travelling with Photography Gear

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 21-08-2010 | 3 Comments

The summer is at its peak, at least on the northern hemisphere. Time for holidays, time for travelling, and time to pack all that photography gear and take it with you.

Besides the typical "What Camera should I buy?" question, another that comes up frequently is related to camera bags and how to pack the gear. In this episode, we try to expand on this topic and give you some ideas to consider when traveling with photography gear, from what gear to take to what considerations you have to have when flying internationally and crossing borders.

On the news side, Uncle Earl is on the spotlight for having his images mistaken for Ansel Adams’ work, and a new way to connect your SLR on the back of a large format camera (if you can come up with a reason on why you’d want to do this, please let us know).

We still had some time to answer a couple of listener questions, this time to do with copyrights and Flickr and a few tips on how to tell a story with your images.

As always, any comments on today’s show are very much appreciated.

Enjoy, and get shooting.




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Just listened to the latest episode, great as usual. Re travelling : a netbook and portable usb hard drive work very well together. Plug the card in to the netbook and all photos get copied directly to both hard drives, renamed with date, optional location and unique file number. Instant backup to two hard drives and very little hassle.

Best Wishes,


Great podcast, as usual.

I think you guys are being a bit naive about photo sharing sites. Certain sites (but not all) have very harsh language about ownership, and I’d even go so far as to say that they are virtually taking possession of your photos. That said, Flickr’s language is not bad.

There was a thread about this on dpreview:

In any case, I think it’s always bad to say things like, “Yeah, technically they own your soul, but that’s just legalese they put in there to cover themselves.” I’m exaggerating a bit, but I think you get the idea. We should never excuse overreaching legal language on the grounds that their lawyers insisted on it.


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