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PhotoNetCast #51 – Comeback 2.0, with Elizabeth Kreutz

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From documenting the comeback of Lance Armstrong, to a World Press Photo Award


In this episode we have the pleasure of having with us a very established name is sports photography – Elizabeth Kreutz. Elizabeth’s work got international recognition after she spent over a year documenting the unexpected comeback of one of the biggest names in world cycling to competition, Lance Armstrong. Comeback 2.0, by Elizabeth Kreutz and Lance ArmstrongFrom training sessions to more personal and family periods to the excitement of the Tour, these moments were captured by Liz’s lens and compiled on Comeback 2.0 – Up Close and Personal, that she co-authored with Lance. Much more than a sports photography book, Comeback 2.0 is a journey documented, with stunning photos made to be admired.

A selection of twelve images from the book earned Elizabeth the 1st Prize in Sports Feature by the World Press Photo.

A big thank you for Liz’s availability and her time spent talking with us.

Looking at the news, we talk about the new HDR feature for the iPhone and the controversial hated change in the royalty percentages by one of the leading microstock agencies – iStockPhoto (a Getty company). We speculate on what this might mean for the future of the industry.

As always, comments or questions are appreciated.

Enjoy the show.



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 Questions from Listeners

Paul Dumas: Hi PhotoNetCasters. I have a question regarding colour calibration for monitors. I got a colorimeter and after going through the calibration process I’ve noticed that everything is very yellow and even greys have a slight sepia tone. Is this normal? I wasn’t expecting such a huge change. Thanks for any help.

John Finley: Hi guys. I’m an amateur doing some event photography. I tend to shoot in raw and adjust the white balance in post. Is there anything inherently wrong with this workflow or should I get a grey card and set my white banlance on location?

Allan Pang: can u suggest me a good 10mm lens for Nikon D60?

Comments (2)

Hi Guys,

This was a truly great episode with a fantastic guest. Elizabeth had so much to share, and I especially enjoyed how she talked about the main difference with her photography was how she creates relationships with her subjects in order to get the special moments.

Keep up the great work, I’ve been a listener since the beginning (!) and with guests like Elizabeth you can’t go wrong.

Thanks, Rob.

Hi Rob.
Thank you very much for the comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the cast. We do try to bring in informative and entertaining guests.
Best of luck to your SCL also.


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