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PhotoNetCast #53 – Photokina 2010 and small lights

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As we mentioned in our last episode, we wanted to bring on the show someone who has been on the floor at Photokina 2010 to give us a general feeling for the biggest photography fair in the world.

Joining us are Teymur Madjderey (Manfrotto School of Xcellence) and André M. Hünseler, two pros from Cologne working at Photokina.

We talked about Photokina 2010 in general, highlights from the ground, the best and the worst, workshops and events surrounding Photokina, etc. We also had some time to talk about some of the latest cameras and equipment announced at Photokina, and we discussed the market trends and flooding of the semi-compacts as well as the tendency to make the large formats more affordable to the “average” photographer.

We finished it off with listener questions regarding the difference between flashes and continuous studio lights, wireless triggers, and advantages and disadvantages of third-party strobes.

This was also the second time we tried to broadcast the recording live and I have to say that, besides a glitch or ten, it went much better than the first attempt. If you’re curious, the un-edited video is bellow the show notes.

I have to end by apologizing to everyone for not making this episode available sooner (after all it was recorded in the middle of October). Time has been a precious commodity around here. Hope you understand.



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Not sure if there is a problem with the file on iTunes, but it wouldn’t download. So, naturally, I downloaded it here.


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