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PhotoNetCast Live Broadcast – Would you watch?

Posted in Polls on 20-07-2010 | 5 Comments

Since we’ve started PhotoNetCast that we know that one of the biggest advantages to our listeners is the on demandnature of the show, and podcasts in general. The audience listens to the show when they want. Of course that this also implies any interaction between the listeners and the show is done post-release.

We, also as media consumers, understand that the one-sided format of media entertainment is long gone. In the new media world real interaction with the listeners needs to happen, and we’ve been implementing some channels to allow for that:

  • Comments are open on the blog;
  • Contact form exists;
  • You can reach us on Twitter;
  • We have a listener voicemail line +1 (415) 343-5030 (how old-school is that)

But one thing that we realize is that the way we approach the conversations, and specially when we have guests, are our own and there is no way (or time) to consider all the possible questions our listeners would like to ask. And this is a flaw in the system…

The idea

We have been toying with the idea of broadcasting the show live while we record (audio and video) and complement it with a real-time chat box. This would allow the audience to participate, ask questions and share their own views during the actual recording. Please note that our main focus is the audio version and this will not change anytime soon. But this would create another layer of possible interaction with our listeners.

Of course that it would only make sense if there’s someone on the other side listening and participating. While this will not mean a significant financial investment (sorry, no HD cams yet) it will mean a significant change in how the show is prepared and produced.

It basically would come down to watching our ugly camera-friendly faces for the duration, laughing at all the stupid insightful nonsense that usually doesn’t make it to the final cut, putting up with Brian’s connection going down all the time all the interruptions, out of context conversation and a great deal of confusion (usually me). And participating, of course…

Do you think this would be an added value to the show? Vote on the poll and please drop us a comment with your thoughts on this.



Comments (5)

Let me give one sugestion:
Why not answer live questions during the recording coming in via twitter? The guys do that quite often in their shows, look at them.


Hi Jochen,

If this goes ahead (and it is still only in the idea stage), we’ll have every channel open for participation. Twitter, live chat box, email, etc. That is actually the whole point of this idea, having the listeners participate.

Thanks for the comment.

I voted ‘no,’ but it had nothing to do with ugly faces. I like to download your show and listen at night. The last thing I want is to spend even more time in front of a computer screen.

However, it might be fun to see if any of you fall asleep during the show (not out of boredom, but out of living in different time zones.)

Voted not to see your ugly face 🙂 but as I’m too busy with my non-photo live, I can afford to listen to your podcast in the car only, on the way to work or back … By the way I have to listen to only last 10 remaining shows and I will catch you in 2011 … as I started from show no.1 … You did great podcast and you put together nice team so to go through your last 3 years took me only something more then month. Seems you little slow down with the shows what is really pitty. By the way I went online just recently on flickr to obtain some feedback and learn what should I improve. If you can suggest good group to get solid critique or if you spent yourself few minutes with my pics I would appreciate. Thank you. T.
PS: some topics for your show: cropping (format preferences (square, rectangular…), night photography, time lapse, painting with light


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