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PhotoNetCast #41 – Copycats

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A photographer from Vancouver, David Burdeny, has recently been challenged by Sze Tsung Leong over the similarities of Burdney’s series "Sacred & Secular" with his own "Horizons".

Despite the  fact that Leong’s images were taken from very popular scenic viewpoints, the resemblance between the two series of works is quite alarming and has led to "copying" accusations and even to the removal of "Sacred & Secular" from the gallery representing Burdney.

You can judge for yourself by looking at the images. You’ll also find a more complete story there.

The issue is not new to photography, and while copying works by previous artists can be a rich source of knowledge, taking the works to exhibition might be considered a different matter, and ethics apart at least denotes a blunt lack of originality and creativity.

Join us for this episode with David Sanger and William Burrard-Lucas as we discuss this story and answer some of our listeners’ questions.



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Listener Questions

  • Brenda O’Neil – I love to take photos of people and I was thinking of offering an on-location photo service to potential customers. The problem is that I don’t have enough photos that actually look taken on a portrait session to illustrate my site with. Usually I go more for the candid approach. My question is, would it be acceptable to offer a few photo sessions to clients just to be able to use their photos on my site? Is there any alternative? Thanks for any help.
  • Eddie S. – Whenever I switch lenses I have the bad habit of misplacing my lens caps and have lost a few. This makes mad. What tips can you share not to lose the caps?
  • Matt – I’ve recently upgraded from a P&S to the T1i. Other than shooting full auto (what I used to do with the smaller one), what shooting mode do you recommend to minimize the difficulty of getting used to the new camera?

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