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What’s your photography Budget for 2010?

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2010 is here and well under way. Hopefully, you’ve invested some of your time on planning your photography projects and setting some goals for the year. If not, no worries, you’re still on time  you should really do at least some thinking.

And with planning and goals and all of this, the ubiquitous subject of budget should also be one of your considerations.

Are you planning to re-invest a percentage of your income on your hobby / business? Do you have a certain piece of gear that you’re planning to buy this year?

Let’s put in numbers. How much are you planning to spend this year on photography (gear, workshops, books, prints, etc.)?

Below are some options that I’m hoping cover the majority of our listeners. If not, feel free to use the comments and share some numbers.

Also, if there is something specific that you’re planning on getting, share with us. Hopefully, the results of this poll will provide for some good discussion on one of the following episodes of PhotoNetCast.

Here’s to a great photographic year!



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