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PhotoNetCast #57 – TwitPic and Getty: not agreeable agreements

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 29-05-2011 | 2 Comments

Episode 57 of your favourite photography podcast is here.

On this one, besides the now regulars Sean and Dave, we were joined by Brian Matiash and Bob Lussier. Thanks to everyone for joining.

Lots of discussion and exchange of ideas going on, namely on the latest TwitPic Terms of Service “blunders”. Does TwitPic really want to make money from users’ photos?image While sustaining a service like TwitPic through advertising alone is almost impossible, having ambiguous terms of service does not give assurance to users and can result in mass exodus.

Mass exodus is what Getty Images might be facing soon from its contributors. Recently, Getty sent a new contract agreement to imagecontributors with, amongst other changes, prevents them from having their images included in subscription packages and, probably more damaging, requires that images in Rights Managed licencing not sold for more than 3 years be placed under Royalty-Free. Will a new or existing player in the market come up with more amenable terms for photographers and be able to compete with the Getty giant? PhotoNetCast Images was suggested Smile

The discussion was going long and I’ve decided to break the conversation into two episodes. Over 110 minutes seemed a bit too much. So, join us also on PhotoNetCast #58. The video version, if you ever decide to watch it, will come with #58.

As always, your comments and feedback are very much appreciated.

For now, enjoy the show…



Show Notes


TwitPic ToS

TwitPic competitors ToS Pages

Getty’s new contributor contract

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Yet another dull episode. Were you out of fresh ideas?


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