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PhotoNetCast #59 – Standing Out with your Photography

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 13-07-2011 | 1 Comment

The Importance of standing out with your photographic work


In this episode we have as guest Scott Liddell to help us in the discussion. Scott is the anonymous now not anonymous anymore author of Dark Edinburgh. This site, although small in scale, has been gaining some notoriety around the local photographic community, and one reason for this might be the focus Scott has placed on it, showing a darker side of the city, that you won’t get on the guide books.

BuskerFrom a lengthy conversation with Scott about the story of this site, I thought it to be a fairly good example of the importance of standing out with your photography and invited him to join us on the show.

Besides the discussion, we talked about iOS 5 and what it means for iphoneographers, and the new Pentax O-GPS1, the new geotagger from Pentax with some interesting peculiar features.

shoeWe are also reviving the PhotoNetCast group on Flickr with some themed “competitions”. For this episode the theme is Old. Go out and shoot anything that can be related to this theme and upload it to the group.

Also, out latest poll is still up. How many photography podcasts do you regularly listen to?

Enjoy the show (this one has outtakes too)…




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Nice to hear a new contributor. Pity it was not very interesting. Why did you talk about Apple’s new iOs? This is supposed to be about photography.


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