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PhotoNetCast #60 – Inside

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Welcome once again to your favourite, albeit almost always late, photography podcast. Episode #60 is up, and on the show we are inside 500px (no, really, Sean was there) for a conversation with Jennifer Tse and Andrey Tochilin, the Media Director and the Digital Strategist for 500px, respectively.500px

500px, started in 2003 as a community site, has seen an explosion in traffic, coverage, and extremely high quality content of late, and is considered the wonder kid of the photo sharing services.

In the conversation we looked more closely at the service, approached the reasons for this growth, and discussed the awesome improvements coming in the future.

Many thanks to Jen and Andrey for taking the time to talk with us.

Besides the 500px conversation, we’ve also talked about Google+ and discussed how photographers are using it.

Enjoy the show…



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Ultimately, an inconclusive review of photo posting sites. Of limited value to anyone seeking guidance.

When will you put a podcast together about photography rather than marketing?

Did you not bring up, or did I miss that part?


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