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PhotoNetCast #61 – Improving your workflow

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A few suggestions to improve your photography workflow


Many times, the expression workflow is thrown around when talking about photography, and it gained popularity since the expansion of digital photography, hence digital workflow, namely used associated handling the digital files, from capture to publication. In my personal opinion, I think workflow includes/should include also the steps before the capture, and this is something we have approached on this episode.

Since I don’t think there is such a thing as an inherently wrong workflow, and since this is a very individual process, instead of trying to preach on what you should do, we’ve decided to discuss our own workflow, and pass on a few tips that, we hope, will help to improve yours.

On this episode of the podcast we talk about

  • Steps before the shoot, including shoot planning
  • Backups “on the field”
  • Backups on return, and redundant backups
  • Importing images
  • Associating metadata
  • Presets
  • Flagging images and using smart collections
  • Registering with the Library of Congress (increased copyright protection)
  • Publishing online

We had also time to discuss a few news topics and answer listener questions, and of course, our selected from the web.

Enjoy the show…



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