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PhotoNetCast #63 – Value of Photography as Collectible Art and some gift ideas

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Welcome to another episode of your photography podcast.

Today we take a look at the results of our poll on our listeners’ photography spending habit. We also mention a new 500px export plugin for lightroom, bash Getty Images yet again for their cuts to photographers’ royalty percentages, and discuss photography as collectible art after the record-breaking $4,338,500 value reached at auction for “Rhein II”, a gigantic print by Andreas Gursky.

On this topic, while I like the idea of photography being sold for such prices, and getting the recognition it deserves as collectible art, there is the question of the perceived vs real value of such a print. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the prices will go up or drop due to the amounts of photography on the market? Let us know on the comments below or record your comment as mp3 and email it to photonetcast at


If you’re still looking for that perfect Christmas gift (maybe for yourself?), we have compiled a list of 16 suggestions for items that we recommend, and chosen to fit every budget.

Got any more gift suggestions? Drop them in the comments…

For now, enjoy the show…













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Another great show. The discussion on “art photography” was very interesting. I too love the multi-million dollar picture in question, but as with so much art its often NOT about the photo, but the substructure. All the hype around art and artists in the media often overshadows the “raison d’etre” for the work. Many paintings I wouldn’t give house-room to “alter” with the knowledge of why the artwork was created, and the symbolism and meanings within. The “beholder’s share” must be affected if the artist is a “name” and a record price tag is reported worldwide.


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