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PhotoNetCast #64 – The Street Photography of Thomas Leuthard

Posted in PhotoNetCast Shows on 20-12-2011 | 2 Comments

Welcome to the last episode of your photography podcast for 2011.

On this episode we have the pleasure of having as guest Thomas Leuthard. Thomas is a street photographer from Switzerland, although a lot of his work is done all over the world.

thomas_leuthard_01During the conversation we had the time to discuss his books (Going Candid and Collecting Souls) which Thomas makes freely available to the community, his initial steeps into the art, his philosophy documenting the street, and how his style evolved since his initial work.

If you want to follow Thomas, you can do so on Twitter, Flickr and G+.

thomas_leuthard_02We also had the time to mention Jim Goldstein’s new ebook, Photographing the 4th Dimension – Time, although we’ll have him on one of the next shows to give us more details on it, and a controversial move by CNN to let go some of their photojournalists.

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2011 is coming to an end and we all want to wish you a happy Christmas season, and a very successful 2012.

For now, enjoy the show…




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This has been my favorite episode so far! Loved the dialogue, the questions, and insight.

Hi Jean-Pierre,

Thanks very much for the comment. It’s great to see our work appreciated 🙂


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