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4th Anniversary Competitions

Posted in Contests on 25-05-2012 | 132 Comments

As you know, in celebration of the 4th birthday of PhotoNetCast, we’re running a couple of competitions with great prizes. Here’s everything you need to know to enter either (or both) of our birthday competitions: a Photo Contest and a “Spread the Word” competition.

Photo Contest


Given that we’re a photography podcast, it seemed extremely appropriate that the first of these competitions should require you to actually do some photography so here it is – the 4th Anniversary PhotoNetCast Photography Competition.

To enter, post your entry photo (the theme is open so post whatever you want) on any social network (Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, SmugMug, wherever) or your own blog, then leave a comment on this page with the URL to the post containing your picture. If you want to link to this post on the page containing the picture we would love that but it’s not required to enter. If you entered the landscape photo competition in our Flickr group, we’ll carry your entry forward to the new competition and give you a crack at the prizes on offer here.

Entries must be received by midnight CST on June 16th. After this point, the show hosts will look at all the entries and, following a period of violent dissent and heated debate, will pick a winner. We’ll announce the winner on the first show recorded after the judging completes.

What about the prizes though? We’ll be offering prize packages for the first, second and third place winners as follow:


First Prize – Total Value $380


Second Prize – Total Value $180


Third Prize – Total Value $75


“Spread The Word” Competition

Even if you don’t want to enter the photo contest, we still have an option that gives you the chance of winning a fabulous collection of prizes and this one only involves you spreading the word about PhotoNetCast on your favourite social networking sites. You have the following options to enter and you are welcome to enter once per social network to maximize your chances.

On Twitter

Follow @PhotoNetCast then tweet “RT for a chance to win a valuable prize from @PhotoNetCast – photography podcast. Over $1300 in prizes! #pnc_4yrs”. Slight variations of this message are also allowed.

On Google+

Add the PhotoNetCast page to one of your circles then post a link to this page on your stream and reference +PhotoNetCast so that we notice your post.

On Facebook

“Like” the PhotoNetCast page and put a post on your timeline with a link to this page and a reference to @PhotoNetCast.

On Your Blog

Publish a post on your blog mentioning PhotoNetCast and include a link to this post. If your blog support trackbacks, we should see this incoming link but, just to be sure, add a comment here with a link back to your post.

On iTunes

Add a review of PhotoNetCast on iTunes then comment on this page telling us that you reviewed it (include which iTunes store country).


You will get 1 competition entry for your first post on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, and we’ll give you 3 entries for a post on your blog or a review posted to iTunes. The competition will close on June 16th after which we’ll record all the entries and use a random number generator to pick the winners. You’ll be on the run for one of the following prizes:

Start spreading the word!

We also had a competition running during our San Francisco Photowalk. At stake was a copy of Photomatix Pro by HDRSoft. That prize has been awarded already (and we’ll post the winning image very soon).

HDRSoft Photomatix


Thanks to our generous sponsors


And of course we could not finish announcing this competition without a word of thanks to the amazing companies that have generously donated the prizes listed above. You rock!!

Comments (132)

Here is my entry for the photo contest.

Thanks for running this contest and giveaway! I love the podcast!

I have published a post on my blog that links to this page, however it can also be found here:

In addition, I have left a review of the show on the United States iTunes under my name.

I also thought I would enter the photo contest and my entry can be found here:

Thanks again!

My entry


when is your next podcast. You said you would announce the winner on that one. it does not say when you regularly run your podcast. that would be helpful if I want to listen live. thanks

When will you guys announce the winners? It’s been two podcasts since the competiton ended will it be in the next one? Please answer!

Hi Henrik. Not sure if I had replied to you already or not. If not here goes. We are just waiting on the scores from one of the judges. All the other scores are in. As soon as I have these, I’ll publish the results on the blog. If you are one of the winners, I’ll get in touch.

this is my entry! i guess i deleted the googleplus account so it is available here!


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