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Got questions? – Tom Hogarty joins us to talk Lightroom 4

Posted in General on 18-07-2012 | 3 Comments

Just a quick note to let you know that Tom Hogarty, Principal Product Manager for Adobe Lightroom, will join us on the podcast to discuss Lightroom 4, the latest version of the amazingly popular software.


The podcast will be recorded this Friday, July 20th, at 4pm PST/7pm EST/12am (of the 21st) BST. You can follow it live and interact with us and Tom on our PhotoNetCast Live page.

Do you have any questions for Tom? Do you want to know something about Lightroom or what’s going on behind the scenes? No problem. Just drop us an email ( photonetcast at photonetcast com), use our contact form, or ask you questions on the comments below.

Don’t forget to add the date to you calendar… Hope to see you there.

Comments (3)

Great episode! I wish I had Lightroom instead of Apertire for the ease with which it handles the use of 3rd party software plugins. Aperture regularly crashes for me while trying to proceed through my memory-intensive workflow. For me, this is the most important feature of Lightroom and the most important reason that I hope to win the copy of it!

Hi Brian, thanks for your comment.

Do you mind posting it again, but this time on the right post? Just so that we have everything on the same location.



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