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Little pause and we’ll be back very soon

Posted in General on 25-09-2012 | 9 Comments

Hi everyone.

At this point you might be wondering why haven’t we published any new episodes of PhotoNetCast, or why did the previously scheduled live recordings disappeared from the calendar. All fair questions from our photo-loving community. And I can tell you that it’s not even Dave’s fault Smile

Actually we have a very good excuse:

Little ROn September 9th, just after lunch time, my son was born.

Having at least some of my priorities straight, I had to postpone the recording we had scheduled for the 11th and put on hold some other guests we had lined-up for the upcoming episodes. Gladly I also hadn’t take an invitation to cover Photokina (I was that close to say yes).

That said, I feel confident that around the middle of October we will have another episode out and that we’ll publish regularly again after that.

I hope you guys understand, and a special apology to the guests we had scheduled and I had to cancel.

See you very soon on your favourite photography podcast.

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Give my best to the Mother as well. 🙂


Congrats Antonio!

Many congratulations. Don’t feel like you need to rush back to satisfy us eager listeners – you concentrate on that little one – these moments don’t last forever.

All the best! We’ll keep waiting for Photonetcast return

I was wondering why my iTunes feed hadn’t captured any episodes lately. That explains it. Congratulations!!!!!! A beautiful baby.

Take your time, and looking forward to your return.

Congrats on your new baby…


Hope all is well with you and the family.



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