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PhotoNetCast #68 – Combining Photography and Charity Work

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Combining Photography and Charity Work


Episode 68 of PhotoNetCast brings together on the show Colby Brown (The Giving Lens) and Ivan Makarov (Plus One Collection) to talk about their experiences combining two of their passions – Photography and Charity Work.

The Giving Lens organizes workshops and photo education events in several locations around the globe. They work with local non-profit organizations and aim to make a difference within that community. On the show Colby describes very well what they do.


imagePlus One Collection is a collective effort by many photographers organized on Google Plus. Main idea? Publish a photography book and give the proceedings to Kiva, a micro-lending organization helping individuals in less privileged parts of the world.

Overall this was a very inspirational conversation and just shows what can be achieved when creative minds and a willingness to help others come together.

Enjoy the show…

Audio here (un-edited video at bottom)


Quote of the show:

“…it would have been better if my boots hadn’t leaked…” – Dave Wilson

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What a great episode!! Really inspiring to listen to you all. Thank you.

I’m glad you liked it! It certainly was an inspirational conversation to be part of – one of my favourites so far.


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