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PhotoNetCast #69 – Limited Edition Prints

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Limited Edition Prints


In episode 69 of PhotoNetCast, Guy Tal joins us to discuss the practice and ethics of selling photographic prints in limited editions.

Guy Tal, a landscape, nature and travel photographer based in Utah, recently posted an article on his blog offering his opinion that, given the state of photographic technology today, selling prints as limited editions is, at best, a marketing ploy and, at worst, unethical. Tal argues that artificially limiting the availability of prints is intended purely to drive up the cost of the work and such behavior is inconsistent with his views regarding the social good provided by easy and widespread access to art.

Our discussion touches on the definition of an artwork (with some surprising discoveries found in California law), the definition of a "limited edition" and news relating to photographer William Egglestone’s recent sale of new prints which has resulted in him being sued by a collector of his original work.

Enjoy the show…

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