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PhotoNetCast #70 – PhotoNetCast turns 4

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4 years of Photography podcast


Yes, that’s right. Episode 70 marks four years of talking photography. It feels almost strange, looking back at the almost shy announcement (episode 1), to know that just over four years have passed, and more than 80 hours of published audio. Many awesome moments on the show, not only the ones that we publish, but also what happens behind the scenes, when things go smooth, and when things almost fail miserably. It has been an amazing experience and a privilege to be able to reach a great audience such as you.

Not everything has gone according to schedule (otherwise we would be running episode 100, not 70) but we do our best and I guess that what matters is that we have not podfaded just yet Smile

What about from your side of the show? What were the most memorable/funny/entertaining/horrible/insightful moments that you remember? Share with us in the comments…

To celebrate this 4 years, we have two competitions with amazing prizes for our listeners: a photo competition, and a social media competition. All details on how to participate at the link.

Also on the show we go through some news, and we take a look at the past four years in photography, with what we think were the biggest game-changers since we started the podcast. And just for the fun of it, there were also a few guesses at what the next four years are going to bring.

And also a big thank you to the great companies that have donated over $1400 in prizes for the competitions: OnOne Software, Nations Photo Lab, X-Rite, GMC Publications, CustomSLR, ThinkTank Photo, Artsy Couture, and HDRSoft. It’s great to see these companies supporting the community. So, next time you need some gear, try to support them.

Here’s to another 4 years…



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Congrats on completing 4 years. Been great following your podcasts and discussions. I have particularly enjoyed your episodes on discussions around film photography. Interviews have been particularly informative too, esp. the one with the 500px guys and photographers like Thomas Leuthard and David Nightingale.

Keep ’em coming. Cheers


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